Why Buy A Used Vehicle Instead of New?

Kia-Sportage 2019

Buying a brand new vehicle can be an exciting process, allowing you to customize your new ride and add all of the options you’d like. Then, you drive it off the lot and the depreciation begins. While there are certainly times where buying or leasing a new vehicle is a prudent choice, you should never discount the idea of buying a used vehicle.

At Autohouse Kingston, we have a huge selection of like-new, pre-owned vehicles spanning all makes and models. Loaded up with the best features, and coming with a Carfax Canada report, you might just find the right ride for your needs in our used vehicle inventory.

There’s a new vehicle shortage

One of the many side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is a serious shortage in new vehicles. From a microchip shortage to closing production plants, dealerships can offer far fewer new vehicles than in the past. Even now, with many manufacturers getting closer to their pre-COVID production schedule, there are still major supply chain issues keeping new vehicles off the lot. So while the economy appears to be recovering, and people are in the market for new vehicles, their scarcity makes them harder to find—and in some cases, more expensive when you do.

The used vehicle industry is booming

In an effort to combat empty lots and unproductive sales teams, many franchise dealerships have taken to purchasing any and all available used vehicles. Without having to wait for vehicles to be manufactured, or for stock to be delivered, dealerships are turning to used vehicles since they’re already all around us. Of course, this sort of indiscriminate bulk-buying can lead to lower quality control, but not at Autohouse Kingston. Our business has, and always will be, based around helping find the best used vehicles and the market—and helping find you the best financing. So if you’re in the market for a new, or rather, new-to-you vehicle, you can’t go wrong by having the team at Autohouse Kingston give you a hand.

Find your next used vehicle at Autohouse Kingston

At Autohouse Kingston, our family-run business is built on providing quality, used vehicles alongside friendly service and rock solid financing. Our years of dealership experience and work in the industry have given us a keen eye for picking quality pre-owned vehicles. Of course, our expert finance team doesn’t hurt, and neither does the included Carfax Canada report. Whether you’re looking for a luxury sedan, a productive pickup truck, an adventure-ready SUV, or some other type of ride, you can find it at Ontario’s Autohouse Kingston!

You can start your used vehicle buying experience by exploring our inventory here, reading our guide on things to look for when buying used here, or by simply contacting our dealership today!