Top 5 Trucks for Driving in Snow

Red Ford F-150

Top 5 Trucks for Driving in Snow

Affordable Trucks for Driving in Snow

With winter comes heavy snowfall, and through the inclement weather months, you’ll want a vehicle that you can rely on. Thankfully, Autohouse Kingston has plenty of used pickup trucks to drive through snow, ice, sleet, and the overall less-than-ideal road conditions produced by winter. Follow along with our team as we review our inventory and explore our top 5 trucks for driving in snow in Kingston, ON.


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Top 5 Trucks for Driving in Snow in Kingston, ON

  1. Ford F-150: Plowing through winter conditions with ease, Ford’s storied F-150 is a pickup that handles any road condition thrown at it. Explore the F-150 further, as it offers drivers a plethora of luxurious features and innovative technology.

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  1. RAM 1500: With the RAM 1500’s gleaming interior, reminiscent of luxury German SUVs, you may forget this is an extremely capable machine able to carve through heavy snowfall. The RAM 1500 is easily one of the best modern pickups on the market.

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  1. Jeep Gladiator: A rugged off-road specialist in the shape of a pickup, the Jeep Gladiator is suited to adventure. With plenty of ground clearance, blizzards and other inclement weather don’t stande a chance against the Gladiator.

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  1. Toyota Tacoma: Toyota’s versatile pickup, the mid-size Tacoma is an excellent option for driving through snow and sleet, with its 4×4 capability and numerous safety features. The Tacoma is highlighted by its rugged design and reliability.

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  1. Honda Ridgeline: Though it is less renowned than other options on the list, the Honda Ridgeline is no slouch when it comes to hard work. Sporting all-wheel drive and plenty of standard technologies, the Ridgeline is a smart option for driving in snow.

[Honda Ridgeline Inventory]


Make winter driving a breeze by getting behind the wheel of one of our top 5 trucks for driving in snow. Of course, Autohouse Kingston offers a substantial inventory of other used trucks and SUVs, if you’re interested in a vehicle that isn’t on this list, let our team help you out. Contact us today for more information on vehicles that are well equipped to handle winter months, and explore our used vehicle inventory. Make sure to book a test drive and try out one of our capable and reliable vehicles.

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