Top 3 SUVs for 2024

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Currently, the SUV reigns supreme as the most popular style of vehicle. A significant SUV presence is felt on Ontario’s roads, with these dynamic and economic vehicles representing numerous brands. If you’re looking to upgrade your ride, and currently drive an SUV or are looking to make the transition, Autohouse Kingston has you covered. Follow along with our team as we move together into 2024 and review our Top 3 SUVs to look out for in Kingston, ON.


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Top 3 SUVs for 2024 in Kingston, ON

Mazda CX-5: There’s no denying that the CX-5 is a crowd favourite. This Mazda SUV is an incredibly stylish option compared to the rest of the segment. Drivers will find a surprising amount of luxury and refinement. Though all model generations are fantastic, the CX-5 had a refresh in 2017 and sports a significantly different look.

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Hyundai Palisade: A rugged and durable SUV at a favourable price, the Palisade flies under the radar as a fantastic family option with room for up to 8. The HTRAC™ All-Wheel Drive system and standard 3.8L Atkinson GDI V6 engine with idle start-stop provide underrated capability.

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Ford Edge: Designed for flexibility, gain an edge on the competition with this feisty crossover offering from Ford. This SUV is dynamic, being fun to drive in warmer months while offering safety and reliability during Ontario winters. The Edge also delivers with competent cargo room, supporting your flexible lifestyle.

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