Top 3 Used Cars for 2024

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Providing comfort, versatility and economy, sedans, hatchbacks and other cars have provided drivers a reliable solution when choosing a vehicle for many years. Whether you’re looking for something easy to drive and park, or want a vehicle with numerous safety features, cars are consistently a solid option. Coming into 2024, what are some of the best-used cars to explore for your next vehicle? Read on with the team here at Autohouse Kingston, as we share our research with you and share the top 3 used cars available in Kingston, ON.

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Top 3 Used Cars for 2024 in Kingston, ON

Honda Civic: Amazingly consistent throughout every model generation, the Civic has been hugely popular among drivers for decades and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The Civic provides tremendous fuel efficiency, fun driving dynamics and holds its resale value.

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Toyota Prius: The auto industry’s first mass-produced hybrid has kept up its reputation over the years. Today, the Prius is an affordable option, offering a fantastic suite of safety features. A spacious and practical choice, the Prius is renowned for its reliability.

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Mazda Mazda 3: For those looking for driving thrills at a reasonable entry price, the Mazda 3 is an alluring option. The Mazda 3 has unique and eye-catching design making it stand out in its segment. This car offers agile performance and luxury features you wouldn’t expect at its affordable price.

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