Tips to Improve Fuel Efficiency

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Learn How to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency from Autohouse Kingston

Drivers should always be looking to improve their fuel efficiency for several reasons. Fuel is expensive, and inflation has greatly affected the economy in past years, vehicle owners are likely looking for strategies to get ahead. Better fuel efficiency is also significantly better for the planet, as the automotive industry continues to take steps towards replacing petrol-powered vehicles with electric options. For now, read on with Autohouse Kingston, as our team shares tips to improve your fuel efficiency.


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Practice Efficient Driving Habits

When you’re behind the wheel, your choices and habits have a direct impact on your fuel economy. Better practices to improve fuel efficiency include:

  • Limit Idling: Idling can have a large compound effect over time if you’re not conscious about shutting your vehicle off. If you’re stopping for over a minute, you should shut your engine off.
  • Efficient Navigation: planning your route and knowing where you’re going helps you avoid unnecessary driving and circling back.
  • Drive Smoothly: Hard acceleration and braking drains your fuel, taking it easy on the road and driving smoothly and optimally will help conserve your fuel tank.
  • Check Your Tires: Low or uneven tire pressure can have a significant impact on your fuel economy. Check your tire pressure regularly and keep pressure filled to the manufacturer’s suggested standard.

Get Regular Maintenance

Scheduling your vehicle for timely maintenance ensures that all your systems are fully functional, this includes oil changes, filter replacements and more. Many of your vehicle’s essential systems have an impact on fuel economy. Plus, if you’re taking your vehicle for regular maintenance appointments, you’ll likely avoid costly large repairs from leaving routine problems unattended for long periods of time.

Purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle at Autohouse Kingston

If you’re interested in improving your fuel efficiency, you can also look at getting a more fuel-efficient vehicle from the used vehicle inventory here at Autohose Kingston. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you if fuel efficiency is a priority you wish to highlight when shopping for a new vehicle in Kingston. Contact Autohouse Kingston today, and don’t forget to schedule your test drive.