Popular Safety Features in Used Vehicles

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Safety features constantly evolve in all makes and models across the automotive industry. With rapid advancements in technology, the average consumer would probably be pleasantly surprised by what features are common in used vehicles today. Follow along with the experts at Autohouse Kingston as we explore popular safety features found in our inventory of used vehicles.


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Discover Popular Used Vehicle Safety Features in Kingston, ON

  1. Blind Spot Detection: Sensors monitor one of your vehicle’s most hazardous areas, your blind spot. Usually, this technology will cue a driver with either an audible or visual signal that a vehicle is quickly approaching its blind spot.


  1. Adaptive Headlights: This technology automatically adjusts your vehicle’s headlights depending on speed, road conditions, time of day, and other factors so drivers can focus on the road ahead.


  1. Lane Departure Warning: Alerting you if your vehicle is drifting out of its lane, this technology is typically used in tandem with cruise control and can be turned on and off depending on your driving preference.


  1. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert: Helping you reverse your vehicle and maneuver tight parking lots with ease, rear cross-traffic alert utilizes sensors to alert you of incoming traffic in or near your driving path.


  1. Rearview Camera: Giving you additional vision behind your vehicle, and making reversing generally safer, rearview cameras are a common inclusion in modern vehicles.


Those are just a few of the modern safety features that you’ll find from vehicles at Autohouse Kingston in Ontario. We’re proud to feature a diverse inventory of all makes and models, shop with us for your next vehicle in Ontario. Contact our dealership, and make sure to book your test drive in Kingston, today.

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