How to Choose the Right Auto Loan?

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Purchasing a vehicle, even used vehicles is a large upfront expense many people would not want to pay outright or would potentially struggle to pay outright. Auto loans exist to help consumers financially float the cost associated with buying a vehicle, just like a home loan or student loan. However, with many lenders available, how do you choose the best auto loan? Read on with the team at Autohouse Kingston located in Ontario, as we provide tips and advice on how to choose the right auto loan.

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Choosing the Right Auto Loan in Kingston, ON

  1. Consider Credit Score: Your current credit score greatly impacts the interest rates that lenders will offer you for an automotive loan. It can be helpful to obtain a copy of your credit report from any major credit bureau to ensure accuracy. A higher credit score means you will qualify for low interest rates.


  1. Budget: Calculate your full affordability budget, including down payment and monthly payments. Factor in other non-upfront costs such as fuel, insurance, and maintenance. Getting pre-approved for a loan is a wise choice, as you have more confidence in your budget when walking into a dealership.


  1. Compare Lenders: Between banks, credit unions, online lenders and automotive dealerships, you have many options to choose from when taking on a loan. Explore your options for your best source of financing.


  1. Read & Understand: Read all of your paperwork and make sure you fully understand the conditions and terms of your loan. Be aware of any hidden fees or penalties for not making payment. Pay attention to loan term, as dealerships will often offer longer loans at lower interest rates. Make sure you understand terms like “variable interest rate” or “balloon payment” and if your deal contains those terms.


  1. Refinancing: If you’re ever in a position where your credit score improves over the term of your loan, you may qualify to refinance your vehicle at a lower interest rate. Interest rates fluctuate and also may generally drop over time. 


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