How to Buy a Used Car on the Internet?

A stock photo of used cars on a sales lot.

Purchasing a used vehicle on the internet is an extremely convenient and cost-effective way to acquire your next vehicle. Of course, advancements in technology have made browsing inventories, listings, and doing vehicle research extremely accessible. With this much technology and information at our fingertips, buying a car online can be rather straightforward. However, some planning is recommended. Follow the tips and advice from the professionals at Autohouse Kingston as we explore how to buy a used car on the internet.

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How to Buy a Vehicle Online in Kingston, ON

  1. Research & Platform: Do your research on what your needs are regarding things such as size, performance, fuel efficiency, and features. Explore vehicles on credible online platforms such as Autotrader. Set a realistic budget for yourself.


  1. Vehicle Listing: Explore the vehicle listing in full, including photos. Look for damage and that the given description matches the vehicle in question. A posted CARFAX can be extremely helpful in revealing past accidents and major work that has been done to the vehicle.


  1. Contact Seller & Negotiate: Ask questions about the vehicle’s history, all information is valuable. Ask why they are selling the vehicle. Arrange to see the vehicle in person and if a test drive is possible. If interested in the vehicle, make sure you’re aware of average market value and negotiate the asking price if appropriate.


  1. Inspection: Even if the vehicle doesn’t have any cosmetic damage and seems to be in pristine condition, it’s always helpful to get an inspection from a certified mechanic. There can always be underlying issues under the hood that an untrained eye can miss.


  1. Sale & Documents: Review all paperwork, including title, bill of sale, and transfer of ownership. Use a safe payment method. Ensure the vehicle is registered in your name and insured.


Buying a used car online can be an easy and straightforward process if you’re prepared. Follow Autohouse Kingston for more information, tips, and advice, such as how to budget for a used car, how to finance a used car, and much more. Shop for your next used vehicle with the help of our team and make sure to explore our used vehicle inventory online. Contact the team at Autohouse Kingston, and don’t forget to book your test drive.

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