Why You Should Sell Your Car to Autohouse Kingston

A stock photo of people completing a deal at a dealership.

Why Should You Sell Your Car To Autohouse Kingston?

There has never been a better time to sell off a car, truck or SUV than right now. If you’re interested in turning that old car into some cash, you have a couple of options, sell your car to a private party or sell your car to Autohouse Kingston. There are some strong reasons to do either one, but we would really like to buy your vehicle, today. Our team of product experts has come up with a few ideas that might convince you to visit the Autohouse Kingston facility.

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Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership?

Without question, the number one reason to sell your car, truck or SUV to a dealership like Autohouse Kingston is convenience. When you sell your car to us you can be sure you’ll get a fair deal. Selling your car privately means having to do all the work like finding a place to list the sale, dealing with phone calls from potential buyers of varying seriousness, and meeting with strangers. 

If you go the private selling route, don’t meet potential buyers at your home. Instead, meet at a neutral location where there is a lot of foot traffic and cameras. Mall parking lots are great options. Some police departments even have special spots for making online exchanges that are monitored by cameras and officers.

Once a sale is complete, you have to make sure you file all of the appropriate paperwork with the government. When you sell your vehicle to us, we’ll handle all of that and you just have to be concerned with how you’ll spend the money.

Can You Sell a Car If You Still Owe Money On It?

It is possible to sell us your car if you still have money left to pay on the loan. Depending on how much is owed, you could walk away with enough money to keep paying off the balance. However, if you’re upside down on the loan, you will need to pay the remaining balance. 

How Do You Sell a Car To a Dealership?

For the most part, selling a car to a dealership works a lot like buying a car from a dealership. When you arrive, let the representative know you’d like to sell your car. You’ll have to fill out a little paperwork and someone will perform an appraisal. After that is done, you’ll walk out with a check in your hand, or one will be sent to you very soon. Before you sell your car, make sure you have the following items with you:

  • Title
  • Owner’s manual
  • Spare tire/repair kit
  • All sets of keys and key fobs

Make an appointment with Autohouse Kingston, today, if you’re ready to sell your car to us or you have additional questions about the process. We can’t wait to see you.