What Are the Most Fuel-Efficient Used Cars?

Mazda3 sedan parked on a road

Fuel-Efficient Used Cars in Kingston, ON

If you’re looking for a used vehicle that can help you save money while you drive it, a fuel-efficient used car is what you’ll want to get behind the wheel of. A fuel-efficient used car offers some of the best fuel economy ratings of any gas-powered vehicle on the road. The longer you own one, the more money you’ll save on gasoline when filling it up. Besides offering excellent efficiency, a used car is also affordable and can deliver a fun and exciting driving experience on the road. Keep reading to learn more about what we think are the top five most fuel-efficient used cars in Kingston, ON. After you learn more about them all, you can decide for yourself which fuel-efficient used car at Autohouse Kingston is right for you.

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Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Used Cars for Sale at Autohouse Kingston

  1. Mazda3. A used Mazda3 makes this list of top five fuel-efficient used cars thanks to its innovative SKYACTIV engine technology that delivers the perfect balance between performance and efficiency. An interior that is loaded with technology and comfort features also helps.
  2. MINI Cooper. A used MINI Cooper is not just a sporty performer on the road, it also knows how to slowly sip gasoline as it drives, which makes it one the most fuel-efficient used cars you can buy. 
  3. Kia Optima. A used Kia Optima provides you with money-saving fuel efficiency thanks to a high-tech engine design that makes the most out of every drop of fuel. With an excellent fuel economy rating, sporty good looks and a spacious interior that is loaded with technology and comfort features, the Kia Optima is an easy pick.
  4. Chevrolet Malibu. A used Chevrolet Malibu is a larger sedan that not only delivers an outstanding fuel economy rating, but it also offers you a spacious and comfortable interior that has all the latest features you want and need on the road. Although the engine of the Chevy Malibu is powerful, it is also fuel-efficient.
  5. Hyundai Veloster. A used Hyundai Veloster delivers the sporty performance you desire while also giving you the fuel efficiency you need to save money on gasoline when filling up. A powerful yet fuel-efficient engine and fun driving dynamics help make this hatchback a top pick for a used car.

If you want to save money on a monthly gasoline budget and have more money for yourself to do the things you want to do, get behind the wheel of one of these top five fuel-efficient used cars in Kingston, ON at Autohouse Kingston.

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