Can a Car Have Too Many Miles On It?

A stock photo of a person inspecting a vehicle for damage.

How Many Miles Are Too Many On A Car?

Buying a pre-owned car comes with a lot of benefits. Used automobiles are often less expensive, hold their value better and are easier to insure. When someone is looking to add a used vehicle to their personal fleet, looking at its odometer or wondering how many miles the car has is often one of the first questions they ask. Another way of thinking about this concept is to ask yourself, how many miles are too many for a car to have? Autohouse Kingston buys a lot of used cars each month from customers and auctions. The upper limit of our range of older vehicles we’ll buy is around 320,000 km. That seems to be the point where a lot of problems really start to stack up. Let’s take a look at some additional helpful information.

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Before You Buy a Used Car

While we’re very careful about buying auction cars that have more than 320,000 km, that isn’t the only consideration in the formula. How the vehicle was maintained is almost as, or more, important than how many kilometres are on the odometer. Getting a vehicle history report will also give buyers a peek behind the curtain if the automobile has been involved in accidents or has open recalls. 

If you’re buying a vehicle from a private party, you will want to take a look at its service book or any receipts for service. Make sure there are no huge gaps between oil changes, tire rotations, and brake replacements. The average service intervals you should be looking for are:

  • Oil Changes: Every 4,800 km to 8,000 km
  • Brake Pads: Every 48,000 km to 112,600 km
  • Tire Rotations: Every 12,000 km or six months

Where Was the Car Driven?

A secondary consideration used car buyers need to make is determining where the vehicle was driven, mostly on the highway or in a city. A used vehicle that spent the bulk of its life driving on highways is likely a better investment than something with the same number of kilometres accumulated in the city. 

Highway driving is preferable because the car would likely spend most of its time travelling at consistent speeds over smooth road surfaces. City driving means dealing with a lot of stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper traffic. The constant starting and stopping put a lot of stress on the vehicle that can lead to a decreased lifespan.

Autohouse Kingston is committed to making sure people can find safe and affordable vehicles that meet their needs and budget. If you’re having credit issues, don’t worry, we can help with that, too. Make an appointment with us as soon as possible.