Now is the Time to Start Shopping For a Used EV

A stock photo of a person charging an electric car.

Why Should You Buy a Used Electric Vehicle?  

A survey found that 68% of Canadians are more likely to buy an electric vehicle in the upcoming years. But with this soaring popularity comes striking prices, which leaves only one option – to look for pre-owned electric vehicles (EVs). Plus, with the increasing gas prices in the country, used EV cars seem like the most efficient and mindful bet. 

Apart from great environmental benefits, electric cars are more accessible, low maintenance and technologically driven. Used EVs are valued for saving money and offering a luxurious driving experience. There are many other benefits of electric cars you may want to consider. 

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Some Common Benefits of Used Electric Vehicles 

Buying an electric vehicle is a great way to take advantage of this technology, while also saving a little money on the final purchase price.  

Here are a few benefits of buying a used electric vehicle:

1. Adds to Your Savings 

Considering the difference between price and value, investing in a used EV can be a good bargain. When buying these used cars from a reliable dealership, like AutoHouse Kingston, you don’t have to worry about anything, especially about the efficiency and condition of the EV. The dealership ensures you get a well-maintained vehicle sold in the best possible condition. 

2. Better Condition Means Low Maintenance

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than non-electric or gasoline vehicles, which means minimal breakdowns. You can always check the odometer to gauge tire and suspension needs. Most conventional vehicles require yearly oil changes and engine maintenance, and since many electric vehicles operate entirely on batteries, they don’t need so many visits to technicians.

3. Extra Features Included 

New EVs are introduced with different packages to optimize their design, engine capabilities, and technological features at an additional cost. But when you purchase a pre-owned electric vehicle, you get all these benefits without paying any extra amount. You get an already upgraded car without spending any additional dollars versus buying it new. 

4. Low Insurance Premiums 

New cars are always going to be more expensive to insure compared to pre-owned vehicles. This trend is likely to stay the same as we transition to electric vehicles. New vehicles can be subject to parts shortages and other supply chain disruptions. Older platforms are more likely to have components to be more easily found. 

5. Low Carbon Emission 

If you’re green-minded, looking for the best used electric car should be on your list. EVs are environmentally friendly and are predominantly crafted using renewable resources. They produce zero tailpipe emissions, helping curb air pollution. 

Looking to shop for a used electric car? Visit AutoHouse Kingston today. Our highly professional product specialists offer best-in-class services to all our customers to ensure a smooth vehicle-buying experience.