You Can Easily Add New Tricks to Old(er) Cars, Trucks and SUVs

A stock photo of an aftermarket infotainment system.

How To Upgrade Technology in Used Cars

New cars, trucks, and SUVs are decked out with state-of-the-art technology and safety features to offer a comprehensive driving experience. These modern features have come a long way to ensure maximum safety and convenience for both drivers and passengers. But if you have an older model or shopping for a pre-owned vehicle without these upgraded features, don’t think that technology is unattainable. There is a massive market for high-tech gadgets and equipment that you can add to almost any model to transform into a next-generation vehicle. 

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From front-facing dash cameras to 3D navigation systems, you can conveniently shop for all these add-ons on online shopping sites like Alibaba and Amazon. You can also hunt for these portable car gadgets on BestBuy, Canadian Tire or Walmart near you. Read on to know what all options are available in the market to enhance your used car.  

1. Bluetooth Receiver 

Using your mobile phones and other gadgets to access text messages, take phone calls or play your favourite music can get dangerous and distracting while driving. A Bluetooth device enables you to connect your phone with the multimedia system of your car and external speakers to play music and receive calls. Check out some affordable Bluetooth device options here

2. Dash Camera 

Dash camera makes for one of the most rewarding investments that promote safety while recording the scenic beauty of the surroundings on a road trip. A dash camera can help parents monitor their teen driver’s driving habits and behaviour, ensuring they are safe on the road. Browse through Walmart’s automotive department online to check out some of the economical dash camera options available. 

3. LED Interior Lights 

White, pink or multicolour? Decide what colours you want to add to your car’s interior to transform it into a happening and vibrant space. The LED lights make the perfect add-on to uplift the aesthetic vibe of every car’s interior. If your vehicle is missing one, look for an external USB port as well to power these low-voltage LED lights. 

4. Parking Sensors 

Parking sensors help drivers to park or reverse the car by letting them know about any approaching object, vehicle or pedestrian to avoid a potential collision. They can reduce the stress of parallel parking in a confined spot by providing access to areas that are otherwise not accessible to the drivers. 

5. GPS Navigation System 

Travel wherever you want with the portable GPS navigation system that provides real-time support. You get access to accurate and quality maps to help you reach your destination on time. This portable GPS navigation system also offers real-time traffic updates to guide you through the fastest route. 

If you need any recommendations regarding these technological add-ons, get help from the highly-experienced and knowledgeable technicians at Autohouse Kingston. Visit our showroom in Kingston to browse through our inventory of newer car, SUV and pickup truck models.