4 Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying a Used Car

A stock photo of a used car sales lot.

What Are Some Red Flags When Shopping For a Used Car?

The used vehicle market is a great place to find a great deal on a great used car, truck or SUV. When someone is looking to buy a used car, they can certainly find a great selection at Autohouse Kingston. While we would encourage you to come to us, we know that some buyers are going to check out other pre-owned dealerships or even look for options from private sellers. We believe most people selling used cars are like us and want to do things the right way. However, there are some red flags you should be on the lookout for when buying a used car. 

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1. The Deal Is Too Good To Be True

This might be the most obvious red flag, but people often let a low price on a vehicle they want to buy cloud their judgement. Always have the phrase, ‘If something is too good to be true, it probably is,’ in the back of your mind. We recommend taking every automobile you want to buy for a test drive and having a trusted mechanic take a look at the vehicle before you buy it.

2. Pushy Seller Acting Strange

If you get a weird feeling from the person selling the car and if they push back on the idea of taking the vehicle for a test drive or having it inspected, you should probably back away from the deal. This could be a sign they are trying to hide something from you. Trust your instincts if something doesn’t feel right.

3. Mismatced Paint/Damaged Interior

It’s our experience that people who take care of their cars will take care of the entire car. That means repairing damage the right way. If the vehicle has doors that are different colours or the interior is heavily marred by stains, rips and tears, who knows how reliable the engine is going to be? 

4. Missing Paperwork/Receipts

One of the first questions a potential buyer should ask a seller is if they have the vehicle’s title. Any hesitation, or any answer other than yes, is a major red flag. Additionally, the current vehicle owner should be able to show you several months, if not several years of service records or receipts. If either, or both of these things are missing, it might be best to walk away from the deal and try again.

Any automobile for sale at Autohouse Kingston will meet all of these standards. We’ve built our reputation on offering a fair price and being honest with our customers. Make an appointment with one of our product experts, today, to see what is available on the sales lot.