2024: Popular Used Vehicle Brands

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Numerous models, brands and marketing strategies flood the automotive market, making vehicle shopping a difficult task for the average person. Vehicles are expensive, and consumers want to know if they’re getting proper value for their hard-earned money. This is especially true for the used vehicle market, as consumers want tried and true brands that will get them around reliably. Your friends at Autohouse Kingston have made vehicle shopping a little easier for you, read on with us as we explore popular used vehicle brands to explore in 2024.


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Popular Used Vehicle Brands in Kingston, ON

  1. Honda: Known for retaining value extremely well, reliability, and relatively inexpensive maintenance costs, Honda is a dominating force in the used vehicle market due to producing well-built models year after year.

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  1. Toyota: Offering affordable vehicles across a wide array of model types has been Toyota’s recipe for success as the brand continues to perform extremely well on the used market. If you’re looking for driving longevity, Toyota’s reputation as a reliable automotive brand can’t be overstated,

[Used Toyota Inventory]


  1. Hyundai: Competitive prices are one of Hyundai’s strongest selling points. This Korean automotive manufacturer offers a whole lot on their models, usually quite a bit cheaper than their competitors.

[Used Hyundai Inventory]


  1. Ford: Responsible for producing vehicles known for toughness, reliability, and performance-forward models, Ford is a producer with a ton of versatility.

[Used Ford Inventory]


  1. Chevrolet: When consumers think of reliability, typically the discussion jumps to Asian automotive manufacturers. However, Chevrolet is a brand that is notoriously under the radar, consistently ranking with the best automotive brands in terms of reliability.

[Used Chevrolet Inventory]


Discover popular and reliable used vehicle brands from the experts here at Autohouse Kingston in Ontario. Our team has a vast used vehicle inventory and is ready to help you find your next dream vehicle. Contact our team and book a test drive in Kingston, today.

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